Mount Mac - Starbuck's Revenge
Grey Mountain
Mount Mac
Montana - Mossy Trail
Montana - Mossy Trail
Montana - Mountain Hero
Montana - Mountain Hero
Montana - McDonald Creek
Welcome to Yukon Biking. Yukon Biking is the online source for mountain biking trail information in the Yukon. The site is meant to supplement existing resources, and provide a way to find new trails or routes to ride.

The site is still a work in progress, but hopefully most content will get up there quickly; just need to ride all the trails out there and get the GPS data. If you have a trail or area you want to see on there send us an email at and we will get it one the site as soon as we can. If you have .gpx data you are willing to provide that will speed things up too!

The site has broken up info trails and routes. Trails are more of a trail map, you can check out different trails where as routes will be descriptions of actual rides that can be done, where to start how long etc. The trails are broken up by the major areas. To get started click on the area you want to check out below.
By winter Mount Mac offers world class cross country skiing and by summer it offers trails which live up to the same billing.

Great printable maps can be found at

The trails weave on and off of the ski trails which are mostly fire road type trails.

This covers trail on the west side of the Yukon River south of Whitehorse. These trails arent really marked and we dont have names for alot of them but are still great trails. If you know the names please shoot us an email.

The Grey Mountain and Rivedale area offers an ever expanding set of trails. A printed water/tear proof map can purchased at either of the two local bike shops; Cadence Cycle and Icycle Sport.

Montana Mountain is located just outside Carcross which is about an hour south of Whitehose. The trails can be accessed with a 4x4 vehicle or by riding up.

The trails on Montana are world class and have recieved that recognition; Mountain Hero was named an Epic ride by IMBA. More info and an awesome printable map can be found at