blue Daiquiri Dave - 11.90 km

Nice cross country lap which avoids most of the difficult rock sections.

The ride starts at the bottom of the foot bridge in town but you could also start at the parking lot and either skip Mossy trail at the end or bike back up.

If you are driving to the start point from Carcross you will go over the Carcross bridge and then take the second right(about 500m) and then go right on that road. You will drive about 1 km to an intersection which is where the parking area is.

Trail Description
You will bike up Montana road past the lower areas of trail and past the mill processing area, eventually you will come to a quad track which cuts of to the right and start going down. You will take this and quickly you will see a sign for Maggies Run which cuts off this to the left. Maggies Run will come out at the road at the processing area. You should see a sign for sporting wood on the far side of the road. Sporting wood will bring you out to the top of Upper Tincup/Wolverine. Upper Tincup/Wolverine is a more difficult trail, so if you dont feel up to it you can continue down the road to where Dog starts. If you do Upper Tincup/Wolverine about 1 km down it you will break right on a trail which will bring you out to the road where you can get on Dog which is on the other side of the road. Dog brings you to Black Bear which you will follow for a few hundred meters until you hit Sam McGee's. Sam McGee's spits you out at the parking area where you continue down to where the road splits in three. Between the left and centre roads there is an unmarked trail 'Mossy' which will bring you back out to just above the foot bridge.