black Mount Mac Goat Loop - 14.50 km

Takes you up and down Mount Mac with views over the Whitehorse valley.

The trail starts at the bottom of the Mount Mac Descent Trail which is accessed from the Copper Haul Road. To get on the Copper Haul road you can take the Sima road and about 3.3 km from the highway there will be a pull out on the right side, continue through the gates and follow the road for about 5 km. You will pass a small lake on the right and it should be the first turn on your left now.

Trail Description
You will follow the Mount Mac Descent Trail, which is the road up. It is about 4 km up. At the top the road will continue off to the left and there will be the Mount Mac Ascent Trail and the Fraser Loop trail. You want the Fraser Loop Trail which will be on the right 90 degrees to the road. Should be a sign. Follow the Fraser Loop until it comes to a T junction, there is a fallen over sign showing Upper Goat Trail. Upper Goat Trail will eventually come to Lower Goat which comes off the right, and is marked. Lower Goat will merge into Mount Mac Ascent Trail. Follow it out to the Copper Haul Road. Turn right and continue along the road for about 4.5 km until you get back to the start point.