blue McDonald Creek - 23.30 km

One of the best rides in the yukon. Awesome views, great single track that winds down a historic wagon trail.

If you are driving to the start point from Carcross you will go over the Carcross bridge and then take the second right(about 500m) and then go right on that road. You will drive about 1 km to an intersection which is where the parking area is.

Trail Description
The trail first climbs the Montana road for 8 km. The first could kilometers can be slow going and you may have to walk your bike in a few spots but it is worth it. At the end of the climb there is a trail head sign for the start of the McDonald creek trail that is easy to see. Now comes the enjoyable part. The first 2.5-3 km of the trail are really nice fast flowing trail down the old wagon trail. This will eventually level off slightly when you reach a swampy area where there is a long board walk. Once past the board walk the trail will start down again for a couple more kilometers with some great views overlooking Bennett Lake. You will come to a split in the trail with is Wayne's World. You want to go right here to take you back to town. If you miss this you will get spit out on the tracks. Wayne's World is still a new trail that needs to be burned in completely so it can be a little slow going. At the end of Waynes World you will cross Lower Wolverine/Tincup and then finally connect with Fox which takes you back out to the start point.