blue Miles Canyon Yukon River Loop - 23.10 km

Scenic loop starting from miles canyon which climbs Grey Mountain and then finishes along the Yukon River.

The ride starts at the Miles Canyon Parking Lot.

Trail Description
The ride starts in the Miles Canyon Parking Lot. You will ride across the bridge and get onto an unmarked trail which continues right off the bridge. This trail will take you out to the Chadburn Red trail. Turn right onto this trail and continue for about 400m until you hit Charburn Green. Turn left onto Chadburn Green and follow it until you hit a sign for Chadburn Nort South Loops. Just down this trail the Blue North will take off to the left. You will follow Blue North for about 2 km and then will turn right onto Blue's Brothers. This trail is marked with the city signs. There will be another turn off just before marked with a yellow crown but this is not the one you want. You will follow Blues Brothers for about 500m until you come up to a steep hill, At the top of the hill the trail forks and you want to go right down the less used trail Quiller. This trail will spit you out on to the Cantlie Lake Connector. You will follow the Connector until you hit Cantlie Lake Road which you will follow for another 3 km. This will take you to the trail head for Girlfriend.

Its mostly downhill from here! Girlfriend will take you over an awesome bridge structure to where the trail splits off for Juicy. Take the left down Juicy. Juicy will spit you out on the bluffs over looking the Yukon River. Turn right onto the Yukon River Trail and enjoy the views of the river as you make your way back towards Miles Canyon. Be careful here, you are biking on a ride with a steep drop off. The Yukon River Trail will finish with a steep descent to Canyon City. You can stop here and check out some of the artifacs and info boards here. From here you will get on the Upper Canyon City trail which will take you back to the bridge.