This section lists rides that in a complete manner that might be made up of multiple trails. The rides are generally longer and have a difficulty rating and directions to the start point.
blueMontanaMcDonald Creek23.30 km3 - 6 hoursOne of the best rides in the yukon. Awesome views, great single track that winds down a historic wagon trail.
blueGrey MountainMiles Canyon Yukon River Loop23.10 km2 - 4 hoursScenic loop starting from miles canyon which climbs Grey Mountain and then finishes along the Yukon River.
blueMontanaDaiquiri Dave11.90 km1 - 2.5 hoursNice cross country lap which avoids most of the difficult rock sections.
blackMount MacMount Mac Goat Loop14.50 km1.5 - 3 hoursTakes you up and down Mount Mac with views over the Whitehorse valley.
blueMount MacMount Mac Whole Enchilada24.00 km2 - 4 hoursThis hits almost the entire trail system at Mount Mac. Nice cross country ride
blueGrey Mountain24 Hours Of Light 2014 Course11.30 km.75 - 2 hoursThe 24 Hours of Light course for 2014
blueGrey Mountain5+ Hours Of Light 2014 Course9.00 km.75 - 2 hoursThe 5+ Hours of Light course for 2014
blueGrey MountainBoogaloo 2015 Long Course16.30 km.75 - 2 hoursThe Boogaloo 2015 Long Course
blueMontanaCarcross Enduro Intermediate 201515.90 km2 - 3 hoursIntermediate Course for the Carcross Enduro
blackMontanaCarcross Enduro Advanced 201526.10 km2 - 3 hoursAdvanced Course for the Carcross Enduro
blueGrey MountainLong Lake Triathalon17.30 km.75 - 2 hoursLong Lake Triathalon Course